A Trek to Remember – Everest Base Camp with Dementia Australia


After the success of previous overseas challenge fundraiser, Kokoda and Kilimanjaro  The Dementia Australia fundraising team are thrilled to announce that 2018’s  challenge will take their supporters to the Everest Base Camp.

Join them on October 21st to November 6th, 2018 for the adventure of a lifetime.

A Trek to Remember – Everest Base Camp  Dementia Australia


Everest Base Camp
Photo by Kalle Kortelainen on Unsplash

Each participant has a fundraising target of $2,500, making this trip extremely worthwhile for the charity but also very achievable for the trekkers. The Dementia Australia’s fundraising team will be there for participants every step of the way, providing support, advice and materials to help each person smash their target!


About Everest Base Camp

The seduction of Mount Everest has long been known to travellers, climbers and adventurers alike. The region of the Sherpa people is famous not just for it’s fabulous peaks but also for its people, those of the Khumbu region whose tremendous ability have been the lifeline for many Westerners wanting to climb in their home area. Surrounded by the world of Tibetan Buddhism trek the trek is for many a pilgrimage to one of the most remarkable countries on earth.

Reaching Everest Base Camp is a feasible goal for most fit trekkers; it is a well-trodden path but this should not put you off as each individual will leave with memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. Added to that the convenience and camaraderie of a staff of Sherpas and porters who will make the necessary arrangements for food and accommodation along the route, leaving you to enjoy the stunning mountain scenery that each day will bring.

There will be an exciting opportunity to visit the Base Camp of the highest mountain in the world, trekking easily through lush forests and stunning mountain scenery over a period of two weeks. It is not technical and much of the enjoyment is immersing yourself in such a slow and easy routine, with only the elements, the mountains and the quiet character of the people to accompany you.


Do something life changing! Registrations are open for A Trek to Remember – Everest Base Camp with Dementia Australia. If you are looking for a worthwhile adventure, this could be the one! For more information visit Dementia Australia 

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