A Day in Johor Baru

This morning it was hard to get moving a late breakfast and back up deciding where we were going tomorrow just seemed to take lots of time,with the plan made we headed off to see the two things I wanted to do here visit the Sultans museum and the Glass Temple while we were in Johor Baru.

First stop was the Johor Baru train station to book our tickets for KL tomorrow as we decided to head there for a couple of nights. They have a really new station and in a short time we had our tickets at the bargain price of 33rm each or about $10 Aus for an 8 hour train journey tomorrow.

We then ran into a challenge as we couldn’t find the exit at the other end of the station and were accosted by a man who offered to show us. We started chatting and he was telling us about himself and his journey studying in Melbourne and having a motorbike accident and ending up with a acquired brain injury. He is very passionate about getting services for all who suffer like he does and while a bit quirky writes some amazing poetry. He showed us across to the other building and then seemed like he was going to spend the afternoon with us but he left and we went along our way. You can read a bit about him here

A quick stop for lunch and then we headed out to get a taxi to stop one the temple… Our taxi driver was a friendly chap who it turned out was in the Malay Navy, Ron and him had a chat and we got to our stop very quickly. We also discovered the museum I wanted to see was still closed for renovations hopefully next time we are passing through and we can see it then.

We walked across to the Temple but the gate was locked a man came out and told us to go round the other side but the temple was closed until 7pm…odd as the information I got said it wasn’t only open for prayers and you can’t visit then and only between 1 and 5pm so we looked around the outside. It was stunning the whole temple was covered in mirror mosaics would have loved to seen the inside but it wasn’t to be.

From a distance we spotted another one so went for a wander through some back streets and discovered another Hindu one that looked almost brand new, this on was yellow in colour and had the normal statues all around it. We couldn’t ge tin side that one either so had a look around then walked back towards town.

We wandered through little India , the saris were stunning in the most vivid colours, then into Chinatown then into a shopping centre for a nice coffee before heading back to the hotel. Booked. Hotel for Kuala Lumpur after a few internet problems.

We went out for a walk along the foreshore and stopped a a local food area for dinner, we enjoyed an amazing meal of sweet and sour spare ribs and chilli stingray ( well Ron had the stingray too hot for me) .

We then enjoyed a leisurely walk home along the coast



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