9 Reasons Why People Visit Thailand

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Are you planning your next trip? Where do you consider visiting? If you are looking for a place with white beaches, fun parties, and delicious food, Thailand is the place you need to visit. People often wonder what’s good in Thailand. Honestly, everything about Thailand is awesome. Here is why you should visit Thailand and enjoy your holiday.

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1. Affordable Food and Lodging

Many people always ask, “is thailand a good place to visit?” If a place has mouth-watering foods, then it qualifies as an excellent tourist destination. In Thailand, there are many hotels and guesthouses for prices that are pocket-friendly even for someone that is on a tight budget. Additionally, food in Thai is cheap. The many street food vendors sell delicious foods at a price that most Americans may consider as pocket change. On the other hand, if you are not on a budget, you can also visit some outstanding hotels and resorts. The good thing is that you pay much less than what you could pay for the same here.


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2. Wonderful Landscape and Beautiful Beaches

Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world. You can participate in different activities like snorkeling and scuba. In Thailand, there are beaches for everyone. You can find laid back beaches that are quiet, and at the same time find party all night beaches. When people are looking for beaches to visit, they always consider the cleanliness. In Thailand, all beaches are spotless.

Additionally, island hopping is one of the most common activities in Thai because of the spectacular coastline. You can visit islands like Koh Samui, Phuket or Krabi, and the green jungle in Chiang Mai or Kanchanaburi. While you are at these islands, there are so many things you can do, from swimming to fishing to scuba diving.

3. People in Thailand are Friendly

When you visit a foreign country, meeting friendly people makes you feel comfortable and at peace. Many people call Thailand the “land of smiles”. The people in Thai are nice, easy-going, and willing to help you find good places to go when you are there.

However, just like any other country, you should be careful with people that are too willing to help you since you never know who is a con. Since people in Thailand are super friendly, they are always willing to help you without expecting anything in return. If you get lucky enough, you may meet someone that will teach you their language.

4. Splendid Shopping

If you are someone who is into markets and bargains, you will find Thailand quite rewarding. Apart from the fancy malls in Bangkok, there are also big-city markets where you can find anything you want to buy. So if you are looking for good places to go in Thailand, you can try these ones out. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Thai, set aside some cash for shopping because you will be tempted to do so.

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5. Easy Travel

Thailand is a country that has so many activities, whether it is during the day or at night. The country has an excellent public transport system. Finding a flight, train, bus, or taxi is very easy even for tourists. All the towns are close by, and you can take a few hours to move from one town to another. Therefore, if you are a tourist that enjoys moving from one point to another without any hassle, Thailand is the place to be.

6. Interesting Cities

Bangkok and Chiang Mai offer tourists a variety of culture, history, and great foods. They represent what’s good in Thailand. When tourists visit a country, they like to spend some time to understand the culture and history of that country. In Thailand, the process of learning their history and culture is so interesting because there are so many things you can learn within such a short time.

Buddhism is the religion of most people in Thailand. It has a significant influence on how people interact with one another and the architecture. All the major cities in Thai have some spectacular Buddhist temples where many tourists enjoy visiting. Most of the temples are located in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

7. Renowned Nightlife

One of the main reasons Thailand is popularly known all over the world is because of the nightlife. Whether you are on the beach or any of Thailand’s cities, you can easily access the bars and nightclubs. People in Thailand know how to party and understand all the things they need to do to entertain tourists. Therefore, if you love partying, you will surely have an excellent time in Thailand.

8. Year-round Sunshine

Whether you visit Thai in March or November, you are sure that there will be warm weather and clear days. In Thailand, there are also seasons like in America. The good thing about Thailand’s weather is that you do not need to worry about rain and cold ruining your holiday.

9. The Best Place to do Scuba Diving

If you ever wonder how marine life is underwater, you can get to experience it. It is a world that you can get to experience once you learn scuba diving. Thailand offers the best scuba diving locations in the world because of its magnificent coastline, crystal clear water, and many islands. You can select one of the many islands to conquer the ocean. The professionals will take you through the scuba gear and make you understand how to deal with underwater emergencies. If you visit Thailand, make sure you try out scuba diving.

From the reasons mentioned above, you should not doubt that Thailand is one of the best tourist destinations. Therefore, why not try out this romantic destination and experience these things yourself?


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