7 Astonishing Free Walking Tours in Europe

Today’s Guest Post is from Bernard at Guruwalk. We love doing free walks while we are travelling, here are some to add to the list for our next trip.

Do you think that doing a free walking tour is simply knowing the main attractions of the historic centre of a city? Then you’re far from the truth!

This modality of a guided visit in which the traveller decides how much he wants to pay is more and more trending and thanks to his growing popularity, there is an increasing number of alternative and creative walks available for the traveller to enjoy

Among them, you can find Guruwalk, tips-based tours done by passionate locals in a very entertaining way.

Have an open mind and let’s discover the 7 most astonishing Free Walking Tours you can take in Europe:

 1.Discover the most hipster side of Vienna (with a kickbike!)


There are already many Free Walking Tours in Vienna about the main monuments and palaces that flood its historic centre (all impressive) and of course, there are those focused on the history of this city starring emperors and empresses such as the famous Sissi. However, we now propose something totally different to you.

A walk through some of the most modern neighbourhoods of the Austrian capital using the most hipster vehicle possible: a kick bike, hybrid of bicycle and skateboard.

During this free walking tour, you can discover from the hand of a local what are the coolest bars, the best graffiti to see or the most hipster activities to do in Vienna. You’ll also see how the city has changed and how young Austrians are feeling nowadays.

This hipster tour is characterized by improvisation and what you’re going to see depends a lot on the guide and, of course, on the climate of the day.

2.Get to know Athens through mythology


It’s impossible not to surrender to the amazing stories of the Greek mythology and even more if you’re travelling to the archaeological sites representing the foundation of the European civilization, with a passionate local historian.

We propose a trip back in time with this Free Walking Tour of Athens. Stories of love, sex and death that will fascinate you and help you to understand the origins of our history. And all of this, while you’re visiting the altar of Zeus, the temple of Hephaestus or the top of Filopappos, where you can also enjoy a wonderful sunset over the city. Is there a better way to get to know the Greek capital?

3.Abracadabra! Harry Potter Mania in the form of a free walking tour.


Did you read the whole Harry Potter saga? If so, and if you consider yourself a fan, you can’t miss this Free Walking Tour in London!

During this Harry Potter themed visit, you will discover the places that inspired J.K. Rowling as well as the recording scenarios of the films. Will you recognize, when you walk, the famous Leaky Cauldron, the Diagon Alley, the Order of the Phoenix or the Ministry of Magic?

Mmm, who knows? Everything will depend on whether you are a wizard or just a muggle.

4. A Free Marijuana Tour. Wait, what?!



No, we have not gone crazy.

This is one of the free walking tours that we can find in the city of cheese and coffee shops: the famous Amsterdam.

Those who want to know the green side of the Dutch capital hand in hand with a local (very passionate too) can’t miss this Free Walking Tour in Amsterdam.

The idea is to know the secrets and the stories of some of the most famous places in the city dedicated to this drug (legalized in the country), which were used as movie sets or sources of inspiration for artists and intellectuals.

Smoking or not, it’s the choice of each of us. But of course, the guide says he’s up for it.

5. The most macabre part of Krakow


Of course, this list can’t be complete without a Free Walking Tour that is giving us goosebumps, a tour to be scared and to know the dark and macabre secrets and that all cities hide.

Have you ever dreamed of being an executioner? Well, we really hope not, but if you’re curious, during this Free Walking Tour of Krakow, the guide will share with travellers all the details of one of the strangest and macabre professions during the Middle Ages: the one of an executioner.

In addition, you can discover different torture methods and punishments of that time. Of course, you will do it while you walk through one of the most beautiful historical centres of Poland and of the old continent: the old town of Krakow.

6.Free Food Tour in Sofia, Bulgaria


Food Sofia
Photo by Aneta Ivanova on Unsplash


Yes, you read well. This Free Walking Tour in Sofia gives you the opportunity to try the local and typical food.

Of course, it’s not an all-you-can-eat tour, so don’t start the walk with an empty stomach!

During the visit, you’ll discover trendy but also some of the oldest family-business restaurants in Bulgaria. More than just trying some food samples, you’ll understand the story behind traditional dishes, how they are prepared, general history of Bulgaria and its cuisine.


7. The worst tour in the world-Porto


Let’s finish this list of the 7 most astonishing Free Walking Tours in Europe with the worst. Yes, that’s exactly how their creators call it: the worst tour of Porto.

In reality, this is a walk under the guise of social denunciations, a tour of those areas of Porto, in Portugal, that have been abandoned and impoverished because of the critical economic crisis that impacted the country a few years ago.

The initiative, carried out by three resigned architects, wants not only to show the other side of the city (currently in a tourist boom) but also to generate social debate. Will you dare?


And you? Have you done an fun, unique or strange Free Walking Tour? Which of them would you like to take part of? Tell us by leaving a comment below!


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  1. Free walking tours are the ultimate way to explore a new place for me, Michele. I especially loved that one in Vienna and I’ll definitely book it next time I go there!

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