Where Have We Been- Where Are We Going


This page will be updated as we continue our journey, links will be added so you can click straight through to any places you may want to read about.


On January 13th 2014 we started our Legging It travel adventure. We started off flying to Kuala Lumpur and we started travelling our way through Asia  by train, bus, boat….to the United Kingdom.



We travelled through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam China, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Germany, The Netherlands finally arriving in England in early May 2014.

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After buying a motorbike we spent June and July 2014, housesitting in Luxembourg before travelling through a small part of Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

P1020249 (2)

We then spent from July to November 2014 travelling and exploring Scotland, England and Wales. This included riding from John’O’Groats to Penzance.



For the remainder of 2014 we spent time in France, Spain.


In January 2015 we headed to Morocco. where we spent three months exploring.

We then spent 3 weeks in Spain and Portugal before returning to the UK.

June 2015 saw us returning home to celebrate our daughter’s 21st and visiting family and friends.


July and August we were back in the UK  Exploring along the coast  from London to housesit in Morpeth and then back to London for another sit.


Late August we returned to France before flying to Czech Republic for 10 days..returning to Paris for a week then onto  Brittany to spend 3 weeks house sitting.


Next stop was Switzerland to house sit in Geneva where we had plenty of time to explore the French Alps as well.


We were then fortunate enough to secure a housesit in Monaco for a week so headed there , then through a small part of Italy


We spent most of winter 2015 in Croatia and it truly was a pleasant surprise, it was some the most stunning coastlines we have seen, great food, an interesting history and best of all mild winter weather.

Balloons Cappadocia


On leaving Croatia we headed to Montenegro, Albania, Greece and finally to Turkey where we stayed until mid May.

From May to July we went on a road trip from Turkey to London.

We are spending July to early November exploring England.