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Recently when we returned home we spent some time with Ron’s parents in Northern New South Wales. As they live in the country we really needed a car to get around. So we thought we would share some tips for car hire in Brisbane.

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We looked at all the normal companies you think of to hire a car in Brisbane but the cost was quite prohibitive. We then received an email from Alpha Car Hire asking if we were interested in a sponsorship deal with them. So we checked out their prices and were suprised at how cheap they were compared to the big companies.

We were able to hire a Nissan Pulsar for about $25 per day and for the week we were allowed to use 3500 kms any excess was charged at 27 cents per km. What impressed us was everything was up front and there are no hidden extras.

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One thing you need to be aware of is the no claim bonus for accidents is $3500 however you can negate this a couple of ways.

1 Check your credit card as many offer Travel Insurance that covers this cost.

2 Take out travel insurance that covers this, we found some for $47 for 7 days what would have covered us.

3 You can pay Alpha directly for cover.

As we were arriving out of their normal business hours we were asked to provide copies of our credit card and drivers licence to Alpha. This an be done via email if you prefer.

Arriving at Brisbane Airport, you need to call Alpha and their shuttle bus will pick you up. It is easy to find, straight out from the exit up over the sky bridge towards the carpark then you meet them on the road way out the front. Alpha provide a complimentary shuttle service to their car hire yard in Hendra. There were no long waits for the shuttle service and after a few minutes we were on our way.

The Nissan Pulsar was clean, in excellent condition and was ready waiting for us when we arrived at their yard in Hendra. The staff were friendly and nothing was hassle for them.

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Over the next week we clocked up heaps of kilometres driving around the Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounds. The car never missed a beat.

Arriving back in Brisbane the drop off service was just as good, the car was checked over and within minutes we were on the shuttle bus back to the airport.

If you are in Brisbane you need to be aware there are a toll roads all over the place, these need to be paid separately within three days via a website. Alpha will give you the details you need when you pick up the car.

Overall we had a great experience with  Alpha Car Hire. They really offer great cars at competitive rates. Next time we visit Brisbane we’ll definitely hire a car again through them.

Alpha hire out of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne so if you are looking for a car to hire check them out.

We are fortunate enough to be able to offer you all a 10% discount code  just use the code AF012 .

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