Plan Your Next Motorcycle Trip with REVER

Plan Your Next Motorcycle Trip with REVER

Over the last few years, more people have embarked on motorcycling holidays for a variety of reasons, but anyone who has travelled by bike will tell you that it’s one of the most authentic ways to experience a new destination. By similarity, the same could be said about motorcycle tourism, encouraging the travel industry to also focus on this particular type of traveller, as outlined on Motorcycle Vermont.

Some of our best trips end up being the ones sprouted out of spontaneity where you’re not bound by the limits of an itinerary, but the possibility of things going horribly wrong are still rather high. There are times that impulsivity is not really worth the risk, and when it comes to motorcycle travel, it’s better to plan out your route rather than winging it.

TripAdvisor has reported that six out of ten mobile users are now downloading travel apps, which means that the best way for you to lay out your next motorcycle adventure is by using your smartphone. Although there are some people that still prefer to use their desktop to book tickets and such. However, the operators of the entertainment portal Spin Genie have noted that global smartphone and tablet installed base exceeded the PC installed base back in 2013, indicating that mobile internet capabilities are just as sufficient, if not better, than of PC.

Currently, there are thousands of apps available for us to download, with a limited selection catering to motorcycle travellers, but sometimes all you need is one to provide you with everything you need to prepare for your vacation.

Simply put, REVER is an app that functions as your motorcycle ride planner, though it does so much more than just suggest and mark your routes. You can track your ride by recording your ride, marking your exact path and measuring key stats like time, distance, elevation and plenty more. Other features include GPS, offline maps, and safety notifications that alert people when you’ve started and ended your ride. And the best part of the app is the friends that you meet along the way, all who are fellow motorcycle enthusiasts that you are more than welcome to invite on your trip.

Of course, if you feel more comfortable using your laptop rather than your smartphone, REVER is also accessible via desktop.

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