Legging It Day Is Here

The day we are legging it is finally here and we were up early….still lots to do. Beds to pack up, final packing and of course the final goodbyes.

Normally we take the early flight leaving at 6 am so it seemed strange spending the morning at home as our flight did not leave until 405pm.

We left home at lunchtime, headed across to pick up my mum and had few laughs abut my go girl. This is a gadget used if there are no suitable toilets so women can pee. http://www.go-girl.com/ I was showing them all the different uses an ear trumpet and straw (obviously only if not used already for its original purpose). I think the look on my daughters faces when I pulled it out was priceless as they couldn’t believe I had it. It really lightened up the morning.

We then headed to the airport. Mum’s flight left one hour earlier than our flight so we were too early to check in. Mum checked in including all our bike gear which she is taking to the UK for us, we then headed across for coffee.

For the first time we were checking in luggage in ages as Ron’s bags were over the 7kg limit so we asked if both could go as they were still under the 20kgs we had paid for. Seemed strange waiting around without our bags but I am sure we will get plenty of walking with them over the next few years.

It was then time for Mum to go through so we decided to go too, our final goodbyes were said and we walked through immigration. It was quite busy but we got through, claimed our Tourist Tax Rebate. I had heard of this but was never sure about it, if you spend over $300 in one retailer and are taking the goods with you they reimburse your GST. We managed to get the refund on the laptop, hard drive and sd card so we were very happy.

We got through security just in time to see Mum heading through to her flight ( although she did not see us ) We then had our final coffee and it was time to board.

We had pre booked the seats at the front and meals so settled down for the flight. It is only 5 hours from Perth to KL so not so bad, read a little, slept a little had dinner and we were here. There was a slight delay in landing so we were other terminal about 10pm.

Through immigration without a problem and given the normal 90 day visa ( altohugh we will only be here a week), waiting for our bags was the longer part. Normally we would be out and on the bus, eventually our bags arrived and we were through customs and out.

We had decided on a taxi as it was so late, it only costs $25 and in reality we weren’t 100% sure where the hotel was so at that time of the night better safe than lost. We seemed to get to KL in record time until we got around the corner from KL Sentral and it was chaos, we just didn’t move for ages. As we came around the corner we realised why. there were cars and people everywhere, it is the beginning of an Indian festival (which we will tell you more about later) Eventually after a call to the hotel the taxi driver dropped us off just on midnight.

We booked in then decided we needed something to eat, banks were closed but we had 16 ringgits ($5) in the wallet and managed to get some food and a drink before heading up to bed.

Tomorrow we meet a friend for breakfast and we will see what the day will bring 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Legging It Day Is Here

  1. Just had Tori stay,great to catch up with her & your family news,thinking of you both,
    Love Fay & Brian in Rotorua

  2. Great to hear from you both,have a great trip,our family will follow your journey with great interest.
    Love F&b

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