Interesting Cemeteries Part Four

Here is interesting cemeteries Part you can see an interesting mix.

One of the most confronting cemeteries we find on our travels are war graves, like out recent visit to The Somme in France. the senseless loss of young men and women who died for their respective countries. They leave us reflective and often in tears, thinking both of their deaths but also those they left behind.

‘Stary Cmentarz’ (Old Cemetery), Zakopane (Poland)

Cemetery, Zakopane

Kiara from Gallop Around the Globe

“The most amazing cemetery I’ve visited is the ‘Stary Cmentarz’ (Old Cemetery) in Zakopane – an attractive little town nestled at the foot of the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland.

Many great figures from The Arts are buried here, their graves sculpted, carved and crafted in great detail, and often from gnarled blocks of wood.  It’s almost like a spell has been cast on to a whole host of tree stumps, transforming them into enchanted folkloric sculptures.

There is a mystical, spiritual atmosphere here, and as you walk under the shade of the birch trees, along the narrow path that winds its way through the centre of the graveyard, you could almost be forgiven for thinking that you’d just walked on to the set of a beautiful fairytale.”


Charleston Cemetery (USA)

Charleston Cemetery

Christianna from Expecto Adventures 

I was introduced to this cemetery during a walking tour of Charleston, SC.

It is supposedly haunted (of course) by the ghost of Annabel Lee, the woman in Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem. The cemetery is completely overgrown, with tombstones dating back 200+ years.

There is an eerie, surreal vibe here – despite being located downtown, all sounds are blocked (out and you are left alone with your own thoughts and a strange feeling of being watched…


Woodlawn Cemetery Bronx, New York City (USA)

woodlawn cemetery


Irene from More Time to Travel

The flowering trees and landscaping at Woodlawn Cemetery in the north Bronx (one of the boroughs of New York City) are so magnificent that the grounds are often called an oasis in the city. This sprawling 150-year-old urban cemetery houses 1300 mausoleums and 300,000 graves.

However, one of the most remarkable intersections on the 400-acre campus is unofficially called Jazz Corner. Here, in the southwest portion of the cemetery, some of America’s greatest jazz musicians (including Lionel Hampton, Miles Davis and Max Roach) have reunited for what you might think of as their last jam.

Baguio Cemetery (Phillipines)


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Shayne from Le Misstache

Most cemeteries will give you goosebumps, an eerie feeling, the usual alone-but-not-alone moments, but in this cemetery in Baguio, Philippines, you will see tons of tombs with animal caricatures and you will find yourself smiling (or probably, laughing) by reading the epitaphs.


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